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Transition to Work

Employment for ME

Employment for ME provides one-stop access to a wealth of resources about work and disability — and the great value and opportunity that comes with a diverse workforce strategy that includes all workers, including those with disabilities.

Transition to Adulthood Training Module

Transition to Adulthood Training Module, from the Maine Access to Inclusive Education Resources at UMaine, is an interactive multimedia module providing an overview of key issues in the transition from school to adulthood.

Jobs for Maine Graduates' Career Exploration Badge

Jobs for Maine Graduates' Career Exploration Badge for Maine high school juniors and seniors is an opportunity to participate in 40 hours of meaningful work experiences facilitated through an intentionally designed exploration and reflection process.

Center on Transition Innovations (CTI)

CTI at Virginia Commonwealth University provides information, resources, demonstration, and research on pathways to employment that support youth with disabilities to gain access to integrated competitive employment to the fullest extent possible.

Think College

Think College provides resources, technical assistance, and training related to college options for students with intellectual disabilities.